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A VoIP phone system is a fantastic choice for residential use because it is affordable and offers many capabilities that conventional phone service does not. VoIP may be used with your current telephone equipment, so you won’t need to purchase any new pieces. If you already have a fast internet connection, you can also use VoIP on your computer to save money.

You will be able to make voice calls using your PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone using VoIP technology. In case you want to stop using your mobile network, various apps are also available for VoIP calls. Upgrade your home phone system now with inTelegent’s cost-effective and reliable residential VoIP phone systems in Atlanta, GA.

Improve Your Business with Quality VoIP Phone Systems

Making inexpensive phone calls is one of the many benefits that a VoIP phone system offers. The system also provides additional functionality such as high-fidelity audio, video, web conferencing, file transfers, shared presentations, and computer desktop control. These features have remarkable capabilities for monitoring, analyzing, and reporting data.

At inTelegent, we provide businesses with the scalable phone system flexibility and cost they need. Business VoIP provides PBX, hosted PBX, SIP trunking, and other options. Take advantage of our commercial VoIP phone systems in Atlanta, GA, today.

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